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About Us

We set out on this journey to add fun to the world and to do it with the latest technology!

Welcome to Longstage, the innovative web3 gaming platform that merges brands with their target audience using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

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We are making computer games.


Longstage, Inc. is a gaming company that primarily produces and publishes computer and console games. The first game is Longstage®, which also bears the company's name. Longstage® is a Windows and macOS based computer game that aims to bring brands and their target audiences together, powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. While doing this, it aims for the highest level of user experience and integrates it into the platform by collaborating with brands.


Our blockchain technology ensures swift and secure transactions while empowering users to create and safeguard permanent digital assets within their personal wallets.


Longstage® introduces an AI-powered explorer, customizable by users, right within the platform. This AI companion assists users, provides recommendations, and embarks on adventures alongside them.


Brands have the opportunity to directly connect with their audience on this gamified platform, enhancing their brand value. Each brand features its island or building customized for its purposes, serving as a showcase for products and services while facilitating user interaction.

Our Partners

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