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The background image is designed in the Midjourney artificial intelligence system.


Time left until publication:

Longstage is a metaverse platform that offers high-graphics areas to maximize users' internet experience. In fact, users using the Longstage application can take advantage and maximize the virtual experience by shaping their own living spaces. 

As a result of climate, greenhouse gasses, wars and natural disasters, life on earth for humanity has now left its place to Longstage Living Center®, which is in a free orbit in space to make this artificial life center, which has the shape of a ring, resemble the world and make it livable striving. 

Users; You can shape living spaces by purchasing virtual objects from the asset library, participate in concerts and interesting events in Longstage City®, acquire simulated occupations, earn income by performing these occupations, discover meteorites in outer space and build habitats there, trade with other meteor belts and generate income from all these processes. A very exciting adventure awaits users who want to be a part of both entertainment and this high-graphics experience. 


“Longstage's vision of the metaverse excites me. This metaverse universe seems to enable me to achieve dreams that I cannot reach. I'm looking forward to the release date.”

Paul Machelin

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